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WARM SRPINGS, Ga., Lynn Middlebrooks Geter...

January 22, 2010 01:06 PM EST

(Updated: January 22, 2010 01:08 PM EST)

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WARM SRPINGS, Ga. âEUR" 38-year-old Lynn Middlebrooks Geter was upset over her 12 year old sons poor grades. The punishment she choose for him was to force him to kill his pet hamster by using a marriage counselling herfordshire hammer. Middlebrooks Geter faces charges of animal cruelty, child cruelty and battery and is currently in jail.

The sheriff of rural Meriwether County told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Thursday that the 12-year-old boy told his teacher about the killing. The teacher reported it to

The 12-year-old boy told his teacher about the killing and the teacher told the Division of Family and Child Services, who then told police.


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